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Our opening times

Monday  to Friday 8:00- 20:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00

Sunday: 10:00- 17:00

Breakfast Selection

Monday-Friday 8am-11am

Saturday-Sunday- 10am-12:30pm 



Fresh Juices 3.50


Pastries 3.10


Tonka bean yoghurt, mixed berry compote, margadh granola 5.50


Birchir muesli, apple pear sultana, mixed seeds, toasted almonds flakes 5.50


Chia pudding, vanilla, fresh pineapple, raspberry, coconut chips 5.50


Hot Almond Milk Porridge 6.50

add toppings @ 0.50


Margadh sausage roll, house brown sauce. 6.50


Hot smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, toasted sourdough, watercress 11


Smoked bacon, poached eggs on toast, chipotle butter, pickled red chilli 10.50

Lunch Menu

Soup du jour, toasted sourdough 7.50

Chestnut mushroom ragu, pappardelle, parmesan 14


“coq au vin” Braised chicken breast, smoked bacon, button mushroom, potatoes 15


Slow roast ham, emmental, coleslaw, mustard mayo, seeded granary with vegetable crisps 10


Mixed grain wrap, pickled cabbage, feta, pomegranate with vegetable crisps 10


Cider glazed turkey breast, tomato, baby gem, aioli on white sourdough with vegetable crisps 10

Salad Bowl 10

Noodle salad, sugar snaps, carrot, baby corn, roast peanuts, chilli soy dressing

Broccoli salad, wild rice, quinoa, radicchio, pickled red onion, toasted seeds


Add on
Smoked salmon 4.25 
Spiced chicken skewers 3.75

Side salad 4.50

Cup of soup 3.50

Vegetable crisps 2.50

Toasted Sourdough 3.50


Sticky toffee pudding, caramel sauce 7

Tonka bean cheesecake, raspberry, pistachio crumble 7